Press Release: Jehlen Co-Sponsors Cyr Legislation to Clarify CCC Authority on Host Community Agreements

Fri, 03/29/2019

Sen. Jehlen statement:
“Today I co-signed the bill presented by Sen. Julian Cyr about expanding the authority of the Cannabis Control Commission to include oversight of Host Community Agreements, Senate bill 1126. I did not come to this decision lightly. I remain convinced that the law we wrote was clear that the CCC would have oversight over all aspects of the cannabis industry licensing process. That includes enforcing against violators of the mandates of the law. Three percent is three percent, not three percent plus, or four percent.
At this time, I have chosen to endorse the bill because of the recent decision by a superior court judge that blurs the intention of the law more, and undoubtedly gives credence to the position of the CCC and others. While I disagree with the outcome of the decision, the impact is clear; the Legislature must step in to clarify the roll of the CCC in the host community process. I hope we can tackle this important challenge this session. We need to ensure that sufficient commercial space remains in the market for all types of vendors, especially small, locally owned enterprises, and enterprises started by community members affected by the failed war on drugs. We designed this law to be inclusive. These host community agreements have become another tool to reduce inclusivity. I hope the legislature can act to fix this problem.”
Sen. Cyr statement:
“The Legislature sought to ensure communities have a strong say in recreational marijuana within their municipality. However, it’s become clear that overly burdensome host community guidelines are likely to prevent small businesses, craft cooperatives, and those from disproportionally impacted communities from participating in this nascent industry.  I share Senator Jehlen’s opinion that the June 2017 law intended to limit host community compensation to 3% and that the CCC was given authority under that law to enforce parameters around these agreements. Now that a court decision has determined the CCC does not have enforcement authority, it is imperative that the Legislature take a close look at this matter and timely consider S.1126, An Act relative to host community agreements, a bill I filed this session.”