For a full list of bills I am filing in the current session, please visit my page the Massachusetts Legislature website at https://malegislature.gov/Legislators/Profile/PDJ0.

An Act relative to the use of community corrections

Currently, those awaiting trial are not eligible for mental health or substance abuse treatment.  This bill, which is supported by the sheriffs, the courts, and probation, would allow a judge to send a person awaiting trial to receive services and programing at a community corrections center.

An Act authorizing the City of Somerville to borrow funds to pay costs of the Green Line Extension

This bill would further efforts to bring the Green Line through Somerville. The extension would place approximately 80 percent of Somerville residents within walking distance of a rail line, compared to about 20 percent of residents today.

An Act relative to expungement for repealed crimes

This bill would require the governor to review all individuals that were convicted of crimes that are no longer crimes due to the marijuana legalization ballot question and decide whether or not each person should be pardoned. 

An Act relative to the judicial enforcement of noncompetition agreements

This bill would modify General Law to place limits on the legal reach of noncompetition agreements.