Transportation and Green Line Extension

An efficient and reliable transportation system is critical to the continued growth of my district. I have fought for years for the Green Line Extension (GLX) as a major benefit and necessity for my constituents and the progress we have made should not be tossed aside. Somerville and Medford have suffered from the exhaust, traffic and debris spread across our cities as a result of using Somerville and Medford as the pathway to Boston. The GLX represents an equitable investment in our communities as valuable places to live and raise a family and we must continue to advocate for it to be built.
The GLX meets only a portion of the transportation needs of Somerville, Medford, Cambridge and Winchester. We must also look to improve bus service throughout the area, access to commuter rail and invest in the infrastructure of roadways both local and state. Critically, we cannot forget our population of seniors and persons with disabilities and it is essential to expand the ability for people with mobility concerns to participate in our society by offering reasonable transportation options that meet their needs. All our transportation investments should consider those people with the least ability to access our urban environment.