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The best way to reach Senator Jehlen is by emailing, or by sending a message through our contact form below.

If you need help with constituent services, please include as much information as you can, including your name, address, phone number, as well as specific details about the issue you are experiencing. In the event that we need additional information, you might also want to include your social security number, case number, or department identification number if you have it. We also highly recommend following up with a phone call, especially if you are in need of immediate assistance. The phone number for our State House office is 617-722-1578.
Before contacting the office, feel free to take a moment to determine whether or not your issue is something the staff will be able to assist you with. Here are a few criteria that will help you make that determination:

Are you a constituent of the Second Middlesex district?

If you are unsure, please click here to check. While each senate office is best equipped to serve its own constituents, we are happy to try and assist all Massachusetts residents that contact our office.

Are you seeking legal services? Below are a few commonly used resources:

If you are involved in ongoing litigation, our office cannot intervene or advocate on your behalf. While Senator Jehlen cannot recommend a lawyer at a private practice for you, Greater Boston Legal Services, a local non-profit, provides free legal assistance for many residents of the district. Income limits are strict for GBLS: if you do not qualify, the Massachusetts Bar Association runs a lawyer referral program that could also assist.

How do I know if it is a state problem or a federal problem?

Issues such as immigration, passports, social security, or veterans affairs are more frequently handles by the federal government. For these issues, you should contact US Senator Ed Markey, US Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Mike Capuano (for Somerville and Cambridge), or Congresswoman Katherine Clark (for Medford and Winchester).
Please don’t hesitate to call the office with any questions and the staff will be happy to guide you where you need to go.
Additionally, you can send us a fax at 617-722-1117, or send us a letter through the mail to:
Senator Pat Jehlen
State House, Room 424
Boston, MA 02133


To schedule a meeting:

Please email, and Senator Jehlen's scheduler and Constituent Services Director, Zoe Iacovino, will get back to you.